Tom Igoe • Arduino / ITP / Make

Tom Igoe likes playing with electronics, mechanics, and programming, making things that let people express themselves, and unusual clocks. He has written two books for makers, Physical Computing with Dan O’Sullivan, and Making Things Talk. He is a regular contributor to Make magazine as well. He teaches at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. He is a co-founder of Arduino because he believes that open fabrication can change the world.


Discussion / Q&A with Elliot Woods, Mimi Son, Eric Brockmeyer, and Tom Igoe. Facilitated by Phoenix Perry.

Session: What Do The People Do?

In the past decade or so, the speed of innovation in media technology has skyrocketed. Media installation ideas that were pipe dreams ten or even five years ago are reality today. Yet, what we ask of visitors to these installations hasn't changed a lot since Myron Kruger did his early interactive computational media experiments in the late 1960's. We're still waving at the machines. Despite the technological advances, or perhaps because of them, media designers don't spend enough of our imagination asking ourselves, "What do the people who will be part of this installation do?" We think a lot about what the stuff will do, but not much on what the people will do — what actions they’ll take, what prompts or motivates those actions, and how we make a narrative from those. In this talk I'll discuss lessons learned from watching students create physical interactive work.