Matt Cottam • Tellart

Since co-founding the international design studio Tellart in 1999, Matt has directed projects and strategy for clients such as Google, Samsung, YouTube, National Maritime Museum (UK), Nokia Design, Humana and Otis Elevator–many of which have won prestigious design awards including Cannes Lions, D&AD, IxDA, Lovie, and Core77. He is an internationally recognized speaker at venues such as LIFT, IxDA, Google Tech Talks, Quantified Self, Microsoft Social Computing Symposium, Berlin Design Festival, at Stanford University, Emerging Technologies (ETech, O’Reilly), Future Technologies Research Summit at Intel, PICNIC, SIGCHI, IDSA/ICSID, DEFCON, Designing User Experience (DUX) and many more.

Matt holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Industrial Design degrees from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD, USA), as well as a Masters in Interaction Design from Umeå University (UID, Sweden). In addition to his design education and practice, Matt is an Advanced Life Support Paramedic and serves on the United States’ federal disaster medical team and National Ski Patrol.

For ten years, Matt taught studio courses at RISD on topics ranging from design for extreme environments to physical computing. From 2005 to 2012 Matt taught at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University (UID, Sweden) where he held the position of Adjunct Professor. He has also taught at Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO, Norway) and The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (CAFA, China). Matt is currently a member of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Faculty (CIID, Denmark) where he has been teaching courses including Intro to IxD (with Bill Verplank), Experimental Imaging (with Timo Arnall), and Information Design since the school’s pilot year.

Session: Learnings from Web Lab

Web Lab is a year-long exhibition at Science Museum, London, featuring a series of interactive Chrome Experiments that connect massive online and in-musuem audiences to bring the extraordinary workings of the Internet to life. The exhibition was invented by Tellart and Google Creative Lab and was designed and built in collaboration with Universaldesignstudio, B-Reel and Karston Schmidt.

Matt will present Web Lab from its origin sketch and through its design and development process to illustrate some of the major design constraints encountered along the way. These include personalisation versus privacy, social presence versus protection of kids onsite, consumable materials and environmental impact, latency, remote maintenance and take-away creations. 


Discussion / Q&A with Eric Socolofsky, Matt Cottam, and Michael Szivos. Facilitated by Alexis Lloyd.