Mary Franck

Mary Franck's works embody the beautiful and unsettling potentials of contemporary digital technology. Usually shrouded in innocuous applications, she exposes these technologies to be fantastic and bizarre extensions of human desire and power by embedding them in art pieces. These installations anthropomorphize the machine and explore the ways in which technology augments human experience and perception. Inspired by organic patterns and systems, artificial intelligence and symbolism, her works are responsive and aware.

Franck's recent work re-imagines video as material, crafting luminous, dream-like visual environments and physicalizing them as installation or by locating dancers within them.


Discussion / Q&A Session with Mary Franck, Mike Tucker, and Camille Utterback. Facilitated by Jer Thorp.

Session: Intimate / Immersive

From minute to monumental, video installations allow for different visual composition than conventional screens. This talk will scratch the surface of historical context, science and composition theory for experiential media.