Eric Socolofsky • The Exploratorium

Eric Socolofsky is a new media exhibit developer at San Francisco's Exploratorium, where he focuses on integrating digital media into interactive exhibit design to provide experiences more immersive and tangible than those created by traditional screen-based interfaces.

With education and work experience in the fields of architecture and digital media, Eric has a versatile design sensibility that strongly influences his production as a developer, designer, and artist.

Following an undergraduate education in architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Eric practiced architecture in Chicago for three years. His curiosity in digital and interactive media led him to NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program graduate school in New York.

Since receiving his Master’s degree, Eric has experimented with a variety of work, including web, game, and user interface design and programming, interactive and generative screen-based art, and interactive spatial installations. Following a fellowship in Eyebeam's Moving Image department, Eric designed and built the comic generation tool, led the development of Gamestar Mechanic with New York City-based GameLab, and taught at New York University and Pratt University.


Discussion / Q&A with Eric Socolofsky, Matt Cottam, and Michael Szivos. Facilitated by Alexis Lloyd.

Session: && ! ||

Installation design draws from too many disciplines to count. From spatial design to interaction design, programming to physical fabrication, project management to brand and content considerations, the world of physical/digital installations requires generalism in a way perhaps no other field does. How do we multi-hyphenates manage to keep a foot in each of these camps when most of us only have two legs? And how do we avoid tripping over all those feet when we use them to walk into an altogether different field?